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SERVPRO Cleans More Than Just Fire and Water

5/23/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician in hazmat suit our highly trained technicians are ready to respond promptly

From Cleanup to Construction: A Full Range of Services

When it comes to restoration services, SERVPRO of East Arlington is your go-to team. We do more than just water damage cleanup, fire cleanup, mold clean up, and carpet cleanings. With the addition of our construction division, we can provide building services that most restoration companies simply can't match. One area where we excel is the removal of graffiti.

Battling Vandalism and Erasing Graffiti

Vandalism and graffiti can be incredibly frustrating and disruptive. From minor pranks to more severe property damage, these acts can have serious consequences. Did you know that even simple acts of vandalism, like breaking a window, can lead to significant water and mold damage if not addressed promptly? That's why it's crucial to act quickly and call the professionals at SERVPRO of East Arlington.

Our Expert Vandalism and Graffiti Cleanup Services

At SERVPRO of East Arlington, we understand the impact that vandalism and graffiti can have on homes and businesses. That's why our highly trained technicians are ready to respond promptly and restore your property to its pre-vandalism state. Our comprehensive services include:

  1. General cleaning and graffiti removal: We'll make sure to remove any spray-painted graffiti and restore the affected surfaces.
  2. Brick, stone, and concrete cleaning: We have the expertise to clean various materials, ensuring a thorough restoration process.
  3. Odor removal and deodorization: We'll eliminate any unpleasant smells caused by vandalism, leaving your space fresh and clean.
  4. Debris removal: Our team will efficiently remove any debris or trash left behind by the act of vandalism.
  5. Water damage restoration: If there is water damage resulting from the vandalism, we'll address it promptly to prevent further issues like mold growth.
  6. Fire damage restoration: In cases where vandalism involves fire, we have the necessary knowledge to handle fire damage restoration.
  7. Mold damage restoration: Our expertise extends to mold damage restoration, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for you.

If you're facing vandalism or graffiti issues, don't hesitate to reach out to us at SERVPRO of East Arlington. We're here to help you through these challenging situations, providing the expertise and services needed to restore your property and bring back peace of mind.

We're not just about cleanup—we're your reliable partners in restoration and construction.